This is some of the stuff I've made.

As a student of Level 3 Creative Media Production and Technology at Chichester College, I have created several designs, videos, projects, etc. You can find them below, along with some other things I've made over the years.


banaggis is a short comedic video I created as part of a self-directed project week in my Media course. I was instructed to create either a video entitled "This Is Me", a cookery video, or a "life hacks" video. Out of these, I chose the cookery one, as you can see. To make it fit in better with my usual style of videos, I decided to add a comedic twist by making the central character a stereotypical, angry (and presumably drunk) Scottish man, who is unexplainably wearing a coat indoors. In the video he attempts to turn a banana into a haggis, annoyed by remarks from an offscreen cameraman in the process.

It was great fun to film, and helped a lot with my video-editing skills, which I can make good use of in the future … but that banaggis tasted disgusting. Its vile taste will haunt me for all eternity. I'm fine with that, though, because, at the end of the day, I made a video I'd consider Not Absolutely Terrible™—even if my camera wasn't great, and my computer even worse.

Ahhhh, the joys of low-end laptops!

You can watch my video retrospective here. The lighting, focus, sound quality, etc. were all terrible in this—but let's not get into retrospective retrospectives.

Ground Coffee

This short film shot in Chichester College could not have been made without the incredible collaborative effort that brought it together. Everything from the initial storyboard ideas to the shooting order to the editing process was a team effort. Ideas were bounced back and forth in an online group-chat (which, legend has it, is still alive today), allowing for speedy votes and decisions. Shooting was split over two days, and communication was maintained throughout shooting through walkie-talkies, allowing for easy communication during the filming of distant shots. While planning and shooting went smoothly, editing the project proved to be a nightmare when version differences in Adobe Premiere Pro threatened to bring the project to a standstill. Luckily, though, all was not lost—and we were able to resume editing within a few hours.

Overall, this project helped to improve my teamwork skills, along with camera and tripod operation skills, and video editing skills. I also learned how to storyboard—which, I have discovered, is a highly effective planning method for film production.

Credits go to:

Early Photoshop work—album cover

This album cover I created was not incredibly significant to the Media course, but it is something I'm quite proud of nonetheless. There are aspects that could be improved—such as the way the sections of the image blend together—but I still think it looks rather professional.